Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain, rain... GO AWAY!!!

It's been an extremely rainy day today! But the good Lord stopped it long enough for me to walk to get my son off the bus and then Mom (my MIL) took me up the drive in the golf-cart anyways... God is awesome!

I've cast on another pattern for a sport weight sock! Too dark and icky to take pictures today though, plus I'm not really far enough to show the stitch pattern just yet ~ hopefully tomorrow!
I was actually contemplating not publishing the 'Ozark Ripples' pattern because I stumbled across a sock that was very similar; but through prayer and some advice from good friends I decided to go ahead and publish because as one lady put it "We all have access to stitch dictionaries, so basically we're all drinking from the same well" she (and several others) advised me to just make it my own and go for it! Just because we used the same stitch doesn't mean it's the exact same sock.... good advice ladies and thanks for the encouragement! I also got confirmation from the Father that I'm on the right track and low and behold while I was looking at a stitch dictionary He gave me my next stitch pattern!! It just leaped off the page at me! I'm very excited to get going on that one ~ cuz you just know when it's from God it's good!! Better than good!

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