Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a beautiful day!

The sun is shining ~ and it's getting hotter! I think our pool will get set up this coming weekend! Wahoo!

Had a wonderful holiday weekend, spent it with family. We went to our daughter's house and spent the day yesterday fishing and swimming and eating... delightful ~
Our youngest son, grandaughter, and grandson having lunch
My beautiful daughter and Bobby Joe
Future son-in-law's family pond
Fun in the water!
My ONLY catch of the day
One of the catfish hubby caught
We are so blessed.... I thank God for all of my family... we have wonderful children and beautiful grandchildren, I couldn't ask for anything more!

On the knitting front ~
I just turned the heels of my Ozark Ripples socks, getting closer to publishing that pattern!
Working my way down the foot of the sport weight pattern (still un-named) so getting closer to publishing that pattern too!
AND.... I charted out a new pattern this morning too! Very Excited about getting to that one, I think it's going to gorgeous! I have chosen a bright red Frog Tree yarn for that one but trying to be  a good girl and finish the first 2 before I cast on for this one! It's very hard I tell you! LOL....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend...

And it's finally HOT outside!
I can't believe the weather this year ~ usually by now we'd have been in our pool at least a couple times... this year it hasn't been warm enough to even think about getting the pool ready... maybe now we can.

I have been busy knitting though...

These socks are samples for another pattern I'm writing up. They are sport weight and working up fairly quickly and I really like the stitch pattern, kind of lacy... Hope to have them done very soon, but I'm also working on this...

It's a Prayer Shawl I'm making for a very dear little lady we call "Miss Martha". She used to attend Big Rock Church with us, but her children asked her to move closer to them... quite a ways from us ~ understandable, but we miss her very much! So... my mother-in-law bought the yarn and asked me to knit it up as a gift from both of us... I can't wait to finish it and send little Miss Martha a very special 'hug' from us.
It's going to need to be steam-blocked when it's finished to open up the lace more, but I'm very pleased with the way it's turning out...

Make sure to remember and honor our lost soldiers and Veterans this weekend... without their sacrifices we would not have the freedoms we do! Many members of my family (both blood and married in) served in the military, and I thank them for all they did...... God bless you all more than abundantly!!

I'm blessed with my very own Veteran... My Husband.... US Navy...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So many hurting...

I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them.

~ 1 Timothy 2:1, NLT

Monday, May 23, 2011

Praying for Joplin...

Father, we ask that you be with the people in Joplin as they try to deal with this disaster. Let them see Your grace and mercy and know that You were not the author of this destruction, but through You they can be victorious over the enemy.
In the name of Jesus I ask that You give them strength and guidance in the days to come, provide all that is needed for them to persevere and rebuild. You are all powerful and Your Word says You will never leave us or forsake us! Thank You Father for everything You have done and are going to do to help these people! Amen!

The devastation is horrible... please join us in praying for the people there...
Joplin High School
Hospital up close
Joplin Wal-Mart

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lazy Saturday...

We have lots of beautiful sunshine today! I'm so glad ~ we really don't need anymore rain.
This is a picture a friend of mine's husband took...

This creek is up the road from us, there's a low water bridge under there somewhere. As you can see from the sign the water is 3 feet above the bridge! I'm so thankful we live on high ground!

I kept hearing yesterday that today was supposed to be the rapture and the world as we know it would end... Well, we're still here and I KNOW that I would not have been left behind when my Savior comes!
I can't even believe this man claims to be Christian and was spouting such nonsense... hasn't he read the Word?

"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father" ~ Mark 13:32

"He said to them; 'It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by His own authority'" ~ Acts 1:7

And these are only a couple of scriptures that tell us that NO man will know the hour of His return!
Just the fact that this man predicted it told me it wasn't going to happen ~ read the Bible man!
The best thing we as Christians can do is spread the Gospel to everyone we possibly can, so we can bring more souls to His Kingdom and remain ready for His triumphant return at ANY moment! Praise God!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain, rain... GO AWAY!!!

It's been an extremely rainy day today! But the good Lord stopped it long enough for me to walk to get my son off the bus and then Mom (my MIL) took me up the drive in the golf-cart anyways... God is awesome!

I've cast on another pattern for a sport weight sock! Too dark and icky to take pictures today though, plus I'm not really far enough to show the stitch pattern just yet ~ hopefully tomorrow!
I was actually contemplating not publishing the 'Ozark Ripples' pattern because I stumbled across a sock that was very similar; but through prayer and some advice from good friends I decided to go ahead and publish because as one lady put it "We all have access to stitch dictionaries, so basically we're all drinking from the same well" she (and several others) advised me to just make it my own and go for it! Just because we used the same stitch doesn't mean it's the exact same sock.... good advice ladies and thanks for the encouragement! I also got confirmation from the Father that I'm on the right track and low and behold while I was looking at a stitch dictionary He gave me my next stitch pattern!! It just leaped off the page at me! I'm very excited to get going on that one ~ cuz you just know when it's from God it's good!! Better than good!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Wednesday already?

Time sure does seem to go fast anymore! That's okay though, I'll take everyday I can get!

My husband called from his work and asked if I'd make some curtains for an island cabinet they have in their kitchen area that the doors were broke off of... they have a Big-Wheel coming in to see the plant and wanted it to look nice, so I agreed and here they are ~

I think they turned out pretty good! Didn't take me too long either, thank goodness, since they were in a rush.

This is the last full week of school too. Like I said, we live in the middle of the woods so we have to walk a 1/4 mile to the bus stop (then I walk the 1/4 mile back LOL...) So I end up walking a mile a day... whether I want to or not! But at least I have God's beautiful creation to look at!

Starting the walk up the drive...

Looking back down the drive toward home!

For the most part I enjoy the walks unless the weather is bad. But when I find hidden little surprises I really love it ~ God's wonders are everywhere and if we slow down and thank Him for them, you never know just what you might see! Thank You Father for all the beauty You created just for us!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Praise God!

It's another beautiful day in Missouri! A little chilly, but beautiful...

I have one more repeat on the new pattern and then I think it will be ready to turn the heel. I love the way this sock is turning out! I showed one of my dear friends and she fell in love, now she wants a pair! LOL... she doesn't knit socks so I definitely will end up making her some (will be the 3rd pair I've gifted her ~ I love how excited she gets!)

Life is all about giving to others anyways! Be Blessed!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Love Sundays...

I love weekends in general, but I really love Sundays!

We had an awesome service this morning! The Worship just flowed and then the message was powerful ~ had one man come forward to give his life to Christ! WooHoo! Welcome to the Kingdom!

Had a wonderful lunch with my husband and youngest son and now we're kicked back to relax the rest of the afternoon and evening. Prepare ourselves for Hubby to go back to work and my son to go back for his last full week of being a 1st grader... where has the time gone?

Also excited to have a new sock pattern, 'Ozark Ripples' on the drawing board! I'm very pleased with it so far! Here's a preview ~

I'm hoping to have the pattern ready for purchase by the end of the week...

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Little About Me... Again...

I've been married to the love of my life for 23 years. I'm a stay at home Mom of 5 kids, well, 4 of them are adults now and no longer at home. I have 7 grandchildren and we're blessed to have most of them living close by. We live way out in the middle of the woods and it's so beautiful and peaceful here.

I started out writing quilt patterns for a local quilt shop (about 11 years ago) and decided to venture out into something else. My Mother-in-law taught me to knit and I've been knitting for almost 7 years. I learned to knit socks first! I had to knit them for my youngest son when he was a baby because his little legs were so fat store bought ones wouldn't fit him ~ I've never looked back, been knitting all kinds of things ever since!

I've decided to start writing out my designs so others could knit them too. My husband has always worked very hard so I could stay home with our children, and now with the economy being what it is, it's very difficult for a one income family. We still have our youngest at home and so I need to be with him, I'm praying that I will be able to help with the sales of my designs.

The Word says that God will supply ALL our needs and so I know that He will bless this venture!

I hope you enjoy my designs and will consider knitting them yourself!
May God bless you abundantly

Starting Over...

Please bear with me as I put everything back. Whatever happened with Blogger lost my new blog and so I have to retrieve all of what I had going yesterday!