Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Friday!!

I managed to get my new pattern, Ozark Ripples, up for sale!
I will be wearing the sample socks to church this evening. We are having guest speakers for a special service tonight. They will also be doing some special seminars tomorrow on prayer needs for our US borders down at Mexico and one on worship in the afternoon.

We went to the JennCria Alpaca Ranch yesterday. Mom had told me Llamas... LOL... but I think alpacas are cuter anyways...

I love their faces, the brown one appears to be grinning!

A beautiful almost black one (there were 2 of them)

A rare Peruvian Gray Suri

My son got to pet one, mcuh softer than they look!

I love that face! He is one of the prize studs...

Jonathan got to collect eggs, the nice lady let him keep them!

I got yarn for my birthday from my Mother-in-Law!
70% Rare Suri Alpaca, 30% hand-painted bamboo
It was a wonderful day ~ a very nice, clean ranch. I look forward to getting more yarn from her in the future!   


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